About Us

Since 2007 Western Skulls has been dedicated to serving you and your hunting passion.

The founder of Western Skulls, Mitch Atkinson, came up with idea for Western Skulls after harvesting a trophy size Alaskan Black Bear. To ensure his skull would not shrink and loose valuable B&C measurements, he wanted to have it cleaned by Dermestid Beetles. Wanting to perform this operation himself, he decided to make this safe and effective service available to everyone for their trophies.

Let us clean your skull using the best method to ensure you that your skull will not shrink or become damaged during the process. Our very own colonies of Dermestid Beetles make Western Skulls their home. They are hungry and waiting for your skull.

New for 2013 we have a second location in Western Idaho (Fruitland, ID). This facility operates seasonally during hunting season. Please call us for more information!

So whatever you have harvested, from bobcats to bears, from javelina to moose, Western Skulls is ready to recieve your skull and turn it into a classy, preserved European skull mount that will surely last.


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