Price List

Price List for Cleaning, Degreasing, Whitening, and Finish (Protective Sealant)

Small Game Birds | Racoon | Rabbit | Squirrel | Skunk | Reptiles $10 – $35
Small Mammals Badger | Bobcat | Beaver | Fox | Otter | Wolverine $45.00
Medium Varmint Coyote $55.00
Medium Mammals Javelina | Seal $85.00
Cats Mountain Lion | African Lion $85.00
Predators & Boar Brown | Grizzly | Black Bear | Wolf | Wild Boar $95.00
Mule & Whitetail Deer * Velvet Not Accepted. $110.00
Horned Game Antelope | Sheep | Goat $110.00
Large Antlered Game Elk | Moose $225.00
Large Horned Game Buffalo | Cattle $400.00
Other Animals Please call (877)275-8557 call 4 quote


MUST have hair and skin removed from skull
MUST NOT have mold, mites, decay, insects, or maggots.  Please boil it yourself first if this is the problem.  Our beetles are top quality and can be destroyed by rotten skulls.

    • Notes:
      Cleaning Only Discount: 15% less (No Degreasing or Whitening)
    • Prepared Skull Discount: 15% less (Eyes, Tongue, Brains, and ALL Excess Meat Must Be Removed. Horns must be removed for Horned Game.)
    • You will be charged between $25 – $50 extra if your skull is not skinned out completely and all vertebrae removed.



Payment must be completed before skull is returned

Prices do not include shipping and handling charges

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