The Process

Don’t risk boiling away those critical inches and damaging the skull and teeth. By far the most effective way to preserve your trophy skull!

Let us put your skull through the beetle process! Bring us your skull or ship it to us today!


Frozen B&C Black Bear


Ready for the beetles


Beetles at work 


Cleaning Completed 


Whitened Finished Skull

The Dermestid beetle belongs to the family Dermestidae. Dermestids feed on dry-moist animal material. Dermestes maculatus go through a complete matamorphosis; that is the egg, larval, pupal, and adult stage. The complete life cycle lasts about 5-10 months. The larva does much of the cleaning of the bones. Here at Western Skulls we have many beetle colonies healthy and hungry waiting for your skull!

Our beetles are genuine beetles from Dermestid Inc.